How to get a little more pampering time every morning

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little ugly. I get so tied up in my son that I forget to take care of myself. I hardly have 5 minutes to shower or wash my hair. I’m constantly putting my son in front of the tv to let Elmo babysit, because that’s the only time I can get dressed or quickly fix my hair. So I’m going to try something new everyday to help myself out. This is what normally happens everyday.

My day starts with me sneaking out of bed so I won’t wake my son. I take a quick duck bath and rinse my hair. No time to wash it because I’m sure he will wake up soon. Then I go to wash my face and brush teeth. He’s still sleeping but as soon as I sneak out of the bedroom to practice yoga, he wakes up. So here’s what I’m going to try instead to help myself out.

1. Put my son in his own bedroom to sleep so I won’t have to sneak out of bed every morning.

2. Take 10 minutes every morning to practice yoga (something I’ve had no time for before).

3. Shower and actually style my hair.

Basically only thing I have to do every night is put my son to sleep in his own bed so I can have just 30 minutes at least to pamper myself before our hectic day begins. I know some of you probably naturally wake up very early before your kids but I’m young and lazy. My son co sleeps with us so getting him in his own bed will be a challenge that I’m willing to make so I can put on mascara.

So for those of you that co sleep, do you have to sneak out of bed? And if so, how do you make time for yourself every morning? I’m ready for my son to leave our bedroom so I know this can be a great solution for us , if he sleeps in his own bed the whole night.

Becoming Excellent at Something

So, I’m feeling overwhelmed in this career called “stay at home mom”, not saying it’s not a real job or whatever. But for me I don’t get anything done besides a few dishes and a shower while KK is down for his nap. So yeah, it’s not my job, more like a lazy search on Youtube until Bae gets home then I have to whip up some dinner and clean the living area so we can catch up on prime time television.Is that just me or are the rest of you feeling the same?

With that being said, I’m only 22 so my priorities are probably different from those older. I don’t have errands to run or school to take KK to, I don’t have friends who I invite over or play dates to conduct. I am a student trying to figure out what the heck I want to do with myself besides making the world hear me. I get inspired easily, some days I want to become a nurse and some nights I find myself sitting up at 3am wanting to explore writing, hence this is me sitting on my laptop like I wont have a toddler waking me up in the morning before I can even get to the good part of my dream. But for now, I’m going to try to stick with doing some creative blogging and maybe a little Youtube, and some knitting, maybe some gardening, and teaching on italki. I don’t know what I want to do with myself but tonight is the night I am no longer going to let nothing┬áconsume all my time and none of energy.

And with all of this being said, I am going to go to bed before the Sun comes up so I can try my best to make a plan. You all just keep me in your prayers and in good spirits that something great comes from me trying to do everything and becoming excellent at something.